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A properly functioning irrigation system is key when trying to maintain a heathy and lush lawn. With Florida’s scorching summer sun and dry winters taking its toll on your turf, it’s important to have an irrigation system that waters frequently and correctly all season long.


Our skilled irrigation technicians are trained to troubleshoot and repair your irrigation system to ensure it is operating at its designed capacity.


Some of the most common residential irrigation issues are:

  • Broken Sprinkler Heads

  • Broken Pipes

  • Clogged Heads 

  • Wiring Problems 

  • Valve Issues 

  • Timer & Rain Sensor Programming Issues 

We offer a special $150 Irrigation Inspection that includes:

  • $75 service fee

  • Check timer and rain sensor programming and functionality 

  • Check valves and wiring connections

  • Run each zone individually to locate any broken heads or pipes

  • Ensure head to head coverage is achieved for optimal watering

  • Complimentary replacement of EITHER two spray/rotor heads or two spray nozzles. **Items may be interchangable but have a maximum of two complimentary items. (Example: One rotor & one nozzle replacement)**

  • If repairs outside of inspection special pricing are found further pricing will be given to fix said issues


**Please note this special applies to systems with 8 zones and under. If your system has more than 8 zones please contact us for pricing.**

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