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Curious what our customers have to say?


Ali N.

LDM is very friendly and did a great job cleaning up our front yard. Before they started it was overgrown and in major need of some TLC. They cleared out the beddings, helped redesign, planted fresh plants, and mulched. I highly recommend them for any landscape make overs.

Lisa B.

Hard working guys! They get the job done right at a reasonable price. I committed to full time service after using them for a big clean up. Good guys! I’d recommend them for big or small jobs.

Sandra L.

They care about their customers and their needs. Landon pays attention to what you want and knows how to make your yard beautiful. He is at your home or business when he says he will be there. You can always count on him. If you want your yard or landscape beautiful for the holidays or would like someone that does a great job to mow your lawn all year around, give him a CALL.

Tracie H.

Landon / his work crew should wear a Super Hero Cape because, that is exactly what this company provides to you from the moment they show up and immediately start taking aggressive, heroic action towards your lawn problems or projects! I was HIGHLY IMPRESSED. Landon 's Company exceeded my needs and wants. After today's first visit I was hooked and requested to become a regular customer!
Landon is very honest, caring / hard working. LDM is DEFINITELY the Company to hire to get the job done right the first time!

Celine R.

I moved to Florida, Tampa a year ago. I have called numerous companies. Scheduled for them to come out, took the day off to wait, only to have 6 companies NOT show up, no calls, no communication. I finally reached out to LDM, git a response back within 5 minutes. Told me how much it would be which was very reasonable. I had left for couple days, came home, and my yard looked absolutely beautiful and amazing. Very professional, took there time. I will only use LDM for now on. Thank you for being so caring, professional and helping. 🙏

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